We have the Camber AGM on Sunday the 16th of MARCH, in the afternoon (5pm in Marlborough clubhouse – don’t forget to bring cake), so I propose and request many kind helping hands to volunteer and really concentrate on the maintenance side of Court 3.

We will be having a delivery of new sand for the court soon after but before that happens we need to dig a trench from the top of the bank above the court down to the car park area below so to divert excess rain-water which is becoming detrimental to the surface.

There will be some jobs which are less on the labouring side, such a weed killing and general tidying up, leaves and litter collection, as well as cable-tying back the full court length wind break – all important tasks.

I’ll be organising for any fence panels to be fixed, or replaced after the winds we have had, (thanks to John for his work on some of the fencing this week) – if you could bring digging implements like pick-axes, spades, forks, trowels and gloves with you that would be great. Please come down for 12.00 midday, a snack lunch will be provided around 2.30, followed by Club play and then the AGM in The Marlborough Cricket Club House.

All much appreciated

Justin and James (Camber Maintenance Managers)