The electricians have now fixed some glitches with the lights and have 3 fully operational courts. The men’s practice tonight and Clubplay tomorrow will hopefully continue the run of big turn outs we have had in the last week or so.

In this vein, after the success of managing to get 2 courts going last Saturday afternoon we will be running Club play again this week from 2pm. If someone or a couple of people are prepared to coordinate this and encourage people down please reply to this email.

Now to something even more exciting. After the initial depression in the aftermath of the fire an amazing spirit emerged within the club. This was on show again in the sheer volume of passionate suggestions we have had about the new clubhouse. We have taken it all on board and have started work on a layout for the new building. People will be working on this over the next couple of weeks and we hope to have a proposal to put to the membership as a whole at a meeting possibly on Sunday 21 April, so please keep that free if you are interested in hearing more (but date to be confirmed).

Finally a message from Ros:

“As some of you might know I lost my mum last year after her struggling with Alzheimers. I entered the Paris marathon to give me something to focus on, and to try to raise some money for the Alzheimer’s society along the way. I have been training hard and after nearly 800 training miles including horrible runs in the hail and snow I’m almost there. I am excited and nervous in anticipation of the race this Sunday!

If you would like to donate anything my page is but tea and cake on my return would also be greatly appreciated!

I’ll be back to more tennis following this weekend so you can all look forward to some long rallies and lots more running round…


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