Coronavirus Update

23 July 2020

Clubplay will restart from 26 July and the clubhouse/bar will also be reopened. This page now includes more details on these changes, including new arrangements for clubplay in light of coronavirus. New additions or changes are highlighted in red.

Please make sure you read and follow the guidance for players from the LTA and the Government’s guidance on social distancing.

The Committee welcomes all comments and suggestions about how the club is operating at this difficult time. If you would like to get in touch, please email

Playing at Camber

  • You can only play at Camber if you have pre-booked a court. You are not allowed to turn up and play.
  • To give everyone an opportunity to play, each member may only make a maximum of six bookings per 7 day period, which cannot add up to more than six hours total.
  • You can also only book two weeks ahead, so that we can easily adjust these rules if necessary.
  • Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your booked time, and do not remain at the club for longer than 10 minutes after it has finished.
  • You will need to bring your own tennis balls. If you are playing with a member not in your household, we suggest that you have two sets, mark the balls clearly and only handle your own set.
  • Nets do not need to be adjusted. They have been set to the correct height, and net winders removed.
  • Any guest fees (£5 per session) will need to be paid by bank transfer, to Camber Lawn Tennis Club; sort code 20-66-51; account number 70727172. Please include in the reference your name and the word ‘guest’. Also a reminder that nobody can visit as a guest more than three times in a subs year: after that they must join as a member (with previous guest fees deducted from their subscription).

[New] Social play

Clubplay is normally a session where any member can turn up and play with any other member, regardless of standard. It is all doubles. Normally, you’ll play one set (or a short set), come off court, mix around and then play another set.

Clubplay takes place every Thursday between 19:00 and 22:30, and every Sunday between 14:30 and 18:00. You don’t have to be there for the whole session – you can come and go when you like. Many people will stay for a drink afterwards (it’s a social session after all), and on Thursdays we often do food, but these are both optional!

If floodlights are used (ie Thursdays and also Sundays when the days get shorter) we ask people to pay £2 to cover the cost of these. That’s for the whole session. Card payments only please! Balls are provided free of charge.

For coronavirus, we unfortunately need to making the following changes:
– The main one is that you now have to sign up in advance rather than just turn up on the day. This is because we need to restrict numbers to 18 in accordance with LTA guidance.
– Also we will try to reduce mixing around to reduce transmission risk. So we will probably allocate people to a specific court all session, based on standard, and mix around within that court only (although as people come and go we may need to flex that a bit).
– As you would expect, we have also put in place various cleaning protocols and provided hand sanitiser etc.

To register for a clubplay session, go to the spreadsheet that has been emailed to Members (if you don’t have it, please email Then, fill in your name in column A and place a Y under the dates you would like to attend. If clubplays become very popular we may need to limit attendance, but if you have signed up please assume you are coming unless you hear otherwise.

Please also read and follow the instructions in the spreadsheet carefully. In particular, please do not attend if you have symptoms of coronavirus, and read the Government and club guidance first.

[Updated] The clubhouse

The clubhouse can now be accessed but please take care when doing so. You are advised not to use the changing rooms. You can still use the toilets, wash your hands, operate the floodlights with coins only, and access the first aid kit, defibrillator or fire extinguisher, all of which will be left in the near the entrance. They are also bottles of hand sanitiser in various places around the building.

We will leave the table tennis table out for play, but please bring your own balls and bats.

[New] The bar

During and after clubplay sessions, and at some other times of the week, the bar will now be open. Like pubs, we have had to put in place a set of procedures to manage this and at each session someone will be there to oversee it. Perhaps the main point to note is that only the person in charge at that session can serve drinks and take payments.

We do not employ anyone to run the bar (or any other part of the club), which means there are no set opening hours. It’s open when there happens to be someone around who has a bar key and is willing to serve. If you’ve finished your game and would like a drink, it’s always worth asking the people on the other courts in case they can get you one.

Hygiene, cleanliness and reducing risk

Please observe the following rules:

  • Ensure that your hands are clean before and after touching surfaces, for example door or gate handles, etc
  • Wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant and a cloth (or disposable antiseptic wipe) after touching them.
  • Please ensure that you bring your own hand sanitiser and disinfectant/wipes to ensure that you can comply with the above points. The club will attempt to provide one set of each, inside and outside the front door, but we cannot guarantee that these will be available.
  • At present the clubhouse alarm is not working, so please do not attempt to use the touchpad.- we will update when we have got it back into operation.