An update on progress, and arrangements for tennis this weekend – and one appeal for ideas.

The main thing is that the floodlights will be fixed in the next couple of hours so CLUBPLAY TONIGHT is ON FROM 7PM !! This is an amazing achievement, mostly by Dave, although thankfully some qualified electricians were also involved. I’ll be there to play some tennis and show my appreciation. We also have a temporary structure in the car park which contains some basic bar stocks so come and have a drink too. If you can let us know if you’re coming we’ll give you a ring if there are any last minute hitches, but that aside there’ll definitely be a quorum so I hope you can make it.

We’ll still run clubplay this Saturday as well as the usual session on Sunday – from 2pm on both days, though we are no longer constrained by it getting dark. The rest of the weekend will also run as usual, with the Gentleman’s early bird session 9-11 on Saturday. Courts will be bookable at all other times, although note that Friday afternoon sees a special ladies’ event celebrating all 3 teams’ successes in the winter leagues – only 1 court will be available from 2-5pm.

Work progresses on many other fronts, and you might spot us in the press – we were in the Southwark News today and will be in the South London Press tomorrow.

Now the appeal for ideas. For the replacement clubhouse, the basic design will be the same as the old one with some minor tweaks to the layout (increasing the kitchen and storage spaces at the expense of some changing space). However it is possible (not certain by any means) that we will be able to make improvements/additions within the budget available from the insurers. Personally I liked the old place as it was so can’t think of anything beyond a possible canopy and/or viewing terrace looking out onto Court 1, which has gone into the ideas pot. However you might have some more imaginative suggestions and we would like to hear and consider all of these. Please make them reasonable (e.g. a second storey or underground area is not going to be within budget) but other than that do not feel constrained at all. We’ll consider everything: there’s no guarantee anything will make it through but we’ll give you feedback either way.

I’m thinking particularly that someone might have seen something at another club and thought, that’s really good, I wish we could have that at Camber….

Please reply to this email or to, or just speak to me when you see me around the club.

Hope to see you tonight or over the weekend!

Camber LTC
Clubmark Accredited