Box Leagues – new season starting in April

Our box leagues are working better then ever, in Feb. we tinkered with them so each match had its own play-by date. Whereas in the past results were taken late we are now being very strict with the deadlines.

Of the 48 matches in this current round we are on track to only have two miss the deadline and be discounted, that’s 46 singles matches in two months which is very impressive.

The minimum time we give people is 20 days from the start of the round, and there is then a week or so between your games after that. In the current round everyone has four matches and we expect this to be the same in the next round.

The next ‘season’ will get going in April and will run until early June – there will be no matches scheduled for the last five days of the handicap tournament so people can commit to both.

Can anyone who wants to enter the next round of boxes, or who is currently taking part and wants to stop please reply to this e-mail by 28th March.

If you have mentioned to someone up to now you want to be in/out, we are all fallible and forget the odd thing so please just reply to this as well.

Camber LTC

Clubmark Accredited