Hi all, Just when you weren’t expecting another Camber email!

American Tournament – Sunday 5 April 3pm

An American Tournament will be taking starting at 3pm prompt. Similar ‘mix it up’ format to last last with a prize for the winning man and woman AND this time, star baker. So get those mixers out of the cupboards, give those rolling pins a dust down and avoid those soggy bottoms…!

Entry fee of £3 will apply and a continuation of Camber’s quiz victories will hopefully occur at the Bishop afterwards

Handicap Tournament – Closing date for entries 15 April with finals day 30 May.

This years tournament will feature four tournaments

  1. Mixed doubles
  2. Mens doubles
  3. Ladies doubles
  4. An all new joint mens and ladies singles!

As always, partners will be drawn at random in the doubles tournaments and handicaps will be attributed based on a ranking of all players to give everyone an equal chance of winning the tournament.

In order for everyone to be able to play in the mixed in the event of more/less ladies to men, there will be a “first loser’ policy in that the first losing persons will be paired with the outstanding players of the opposite gender without a partner. To make this work, there will be strict play by dates for this tournament (as well as the other tournaments), so, I did warn you to play the matches on time!

Also, only on mutual agreement between all players in a match, handicaps can be netted off against each other (for example (-30,-30) can be played off scratch).

More details on the above to follow.

Sign up sheets will be put up this weekend, but please also reply to this email (or alexander.lucas1991@hotmail.com) with what tournaments you wish to enter. If you enter the tournament, it will be assumed that you will be able to attend finals day. Let’s get this the most subscribed tournament of all Camber history to welcome in the new clubhouse era!