2016 Annual General Meeting

The 2016 Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday 13 March 2016, at 5pm in the clubhouse. It’s a really important event where all members have the chance to have a direct say in what happens at the club, so we’d love as many people to be there as possible. As an incentive the meeting will be preceded by an American tournament (friendly mix-round doubles) starting at 2.30pm, and there will be a bake-off at the meeting itself – please bring a cake, prizes will be awarded! There will also be a trip to a local pub quiz afterwards.

The full agenda for the AGM has been posted on the noticeboard at the club. The main business is to elect next year’s Committee and Officers, set subscription rates for 2016/17, receive the 2015 accounts and decide on any proposed rule changes. But there will also be reports from 2015/16 and a chance to question the Committee on anything to do with the running of the club.

Some Officers have said that they will be standing down this year, which is understandable the work put in during the post-fire period. All officer positions are up for election, but we are particularly seeking nominations for:

  • Chair

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • Membership Secretary


A description of all roles is below, and has also been posted on the noticeboard at the club. If you might be interested in helping to run the club in these or other posts please don’t hesitate to talk them through with Chris or the current post holder. If (/when!) you decide you would definitely like to put your name forward, there is also a sheet on the noticeboard for this purpose. Don’t be shy here – there is always plenty of support for newcomers to all roles.

Very much hope to see you on the 13th.

Committee roles & responsibilities


  1. Responsible for the overall running of the club, providing leadership and direction.
  2. Chair the committee and general meetings of the club. Ensure that business is carried out in accordance with decisions. Employ a casting vote should this be necessary.
  3. Overall responsibility for the club’s strategic documents including an annual business plan, ensuring that it contains appropriate objectives and that these are regularly reviewed.
  4. Co-ordinate everything relating to the club’s volunteers, including recruitment, training and feedback


Club Captain

  1. Act as the representative of the wider membership on the committee.
  2. Oversee the activities of the club’s Head Coach.
  3. Oversee teams/squads.
  4. Schedule and run the club’s competitions, resolving any disputes.
  5. Develop competitive opportunities for all at the club appropriate to their standard/ambition.
  6. Ensure all match fees are paid.



  1. Call all club meetings and prepare agendas. Record minutes and circulate as appropriate.
  2. Lead responsibility for maintaining Tennismark compliance, including maintainance of key club records and policies (e.g. the Child Protection Policy).
  3. Initial responsibility for liaison with external stakeholders (with Chair)
  4. Ensure that club affiliation/registration documents are accurate and up to date.
  5. Secure the club’s allocation of Wimbledon tickets and make arrangements for its distribution.



  1. Manage bank accounts in the name of the club.
  2. Keep full written records of all financial matters.
  3. Collect subscriptions and other monies due.
  4. Pay bills.
  5. Assist the auditor in any reasonable way requested.
  6. Produce a full annual year-end accounts for audit and for presentation to the AGM.
  7. Prepare and maintain financial forecasts, advising the Committee on financial issues.
  8. Manage and organise systems and controls in relation to cash handling, expenses and other financial matters.


Bar Secretary

  1. Run the bar. Manage stock levels and pricing.
  2. Organise the bar rota.
  3. Distribute bar keys.
  4. Oversee clubhouse bookings.


Membership Secretary

  1. Central contact point for enquiries from prospective members.
  2. Ensure new members are welcomed and provided with a key and relevant introductions.
  3. Maintain a full up-to-date membership list including adults and juniors.
  4. Report to the Committee on all new adult members and the progress of their integration into the club.
  5. Jointly with the Social Secretary, co-ordinate all aspects of the club’s communications, including the website, newsletter/emails and social media presence.


Property Manager

  1. Arrange the maintenance of the club’s grounds, courts and clubhouse.
  2. Advise on required works and where appropriate obtain a range of quotations.
  3. Oversee contractors as necessary.
  4. Ensure that the club meets all aspects of Health & Safety legislation.
  5. Act as a contact point for members to report issues arising with the premises.
  6. Advise the committee on property-related aspects of its strategic planning.


Social Secretary

  1. Bring members together to develop and enhance relationships.
  2. Co-ordinate a programme of varied programme of social events across the year, aiming for at least one event per month.
  3. Encourage and recruit others to organise and run individual events.
  4. Ensure that in 2015 there are sufficient set-piece events to mark the opening of the clubhouse in appropriate style.
  5. Jointly with the Membership Secretary, co-ordinate all aspects of the club’s communications, including the website, newsletter/emails and social media presence.