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2016 Annual Dinner

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You are hereby invited to the 2016 Annual Dinner, to be held on the evening of Saturday 26th November. This is our premier social event of the year, so be sure not to miss it!

You will be served a four course meal by external caterers (a new firm – not last year’s, and thoroughly road-tested this time, so the food is excellent!). After the dinner there will be a speech from one or more club members, the presentation of trophies followed by a DJ, dancing and general merriment until the early hours.

Dress code for the evening is ‘smart’, which you can interpret how you like – everything from best jeans to dinner jackets/posh frocks is absolutely fine. The main thing is to be there.

The cost will be £40 a head which includes everything except wine/beer etc. This is the one occasion in the year when we need to know exact numbers, and therefore have to ask for payment in advance – please see below.

A special word to our newer members – you are particularly welcome, it is a very friendly affair and a good night is (almost) guaranteed.

As ever, partners are welcome too.

Look forward to seeing you on the 26th.

Chris Smith

Chair, Camber Tennis Club

Register our your interest and book your place now